Transoral Outlet Reduction (TORe)

Transoral outlet reduction (TORe) is a solution for individuals who experience weight regain post-gastric bypass surgery. This minimally invasive procedure targets the gastric outlet, the opening between the stomach pouch and the small intestine, aiming to reduce its size. Achieved without external incisions, TORe utilizes an endoscope inserted through the mouth, applying stitches to tighten the opening. This process slows stomach emptying, fostering a prolonged feeling of fullness and supporting weight loss.

What Transoral Outlet Reduction Involves:

Procedure Overview:
•Insertion of an endoscope through the mouth into the stomach pouch.
•Examination of the stomach’s interior.
•Application of heat treatment to narrow and close the gastric outlet.
•Utilization of a suturing device on the endoscope to tighten the opening to 8-10 millimeters.
•Removal of the endoscope.
Recovery and Expectations:
•Post-Procedure Care:
•Following a specialized diet transitioning from liquids to soft foods over four weeks.
•Guidance from your doctor’s office on eating resumption.
Complications and Side Effects:
•Minimal risk compared to open surgery, with potential mild discomfort and nausea.
•Rare serious complications include bleeding, perforation, infection, and stenosis of the gastric outlet.
•Some individuals may require a touch-up procedure in the future to address outlet expansion.

Preparing for TORe:

•Initial Evaluation:
•Endoscopic examination of the stomach and outlet to assess suitability.
•Adherence to specific preparation instructions, including fasting and medication adjustments.

Long-Term Effects:

Weight Loss Expectations:
•Individuals may lose around 10% of excess body weight or more.
•Some achieve weights lower than their post-gastric bypass lowest.
In conclusion, TORe presents a less risky alternative to open surgery revisions, demonstrating effectiveness in weight loss with a careful consideration of potential complications. Ongoing research supports its viability, and long-term maintenance of weight loss is achievable for many individuals.